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Roofing Inspection 屋頂天花檢測

Nowadays, wet Insulation in Flat Roofs is a common problem in modern cities. Reduces risk of structural damage and failure of your new roof. Identifies small roof problems before they become bigger and more costly.
Thermal capacitance is the physical property of a material's ability to store heat. The materials in a roof assembly have relatively low thermal capacitances, especially when compared to water. Water requires a lot of energy to raise its temperature and likewise must release a lot of energy to cool down.

屋頂天花滲水是現今城市常見的問題,在問題變得更大以前,找尋出問題所在,免得日後維修更昂貴。物理學上熱容量是材料的存儲熱能力,一般房頂都使用相對地低熱容量的材料,尤其與水比較。 水要求許多熱能提升它的溫度,同樣,當水冷卻時亦會釋放大量熱能。

Procedure 工作程序

Take IR images and visual images on site


Data analysis with professional software


Create a detail report witwehin two weeks after the on site inspection


Advantage 優勢

Pinpoints and documents area of wet insulation in flat roofs

Reduce risk of structural damage and failure of your new roof

Identify roof problem